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General Information



Toledo, a World Heritage historic site, awarded by UNESCO in 1986, is at the same time, a dynamic, evergrowing metropolis, a university town and the capital of Castilla-La Mancha.

Known as the City of Three Cultures, Toledo is a meeting place to history and tradition.

Toledo is also the land of Don Quixote, a living handicrafts market, and a world reference point for food and wine.

Walking through Toledo is like feeling the dialoge of centurias under our feet, allowing ourselves to become enveloped by the fantasy of each noock and cranny, by a magical urban landscape, the scene of transcendental pages of history and evocative of legendary names.

Meeting in Toledo will let you enjoy something very few cities in the world house: a combination of Christian, Islamic and Jewish vestiges highlighted by an unbeatable monumental ensemble and natural setting.

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How to get to Toledo


    There will be a prepaid service bus for the transfer from the airport Madrid-Barajas to the venue, Eurostars Buenavista.


Contact the technical secretariat to book this service.

Car: up to 3 persons.

Van: up to 15 person.

  • TAXI

Madrid to Toledo: +34 915 47 82 00

Toledo to Madrid: +34 925 25 50 50


The Spanish railway company RENFE, connects Madrid with the Madrid Barajas airport through the local train network service "Cercanías" C1 line. The train station is on the terminal T4 floor -1, and is called "Aeropuerto T4". 

To move to the other terminals there is a shuttle bus service connecting the terminals. You can buy your tickets in advance here.

Estimated travel time: 25 minutes.

Once you arrive to Madrid Atocha Train Station, you have to take the high-speed train (AVE).

The frequency of these high-speed trains (Madrid-Toledo) is very high, almost every hour. You can buy directly at the train station but we recommend purchasing tickets online.

Estimated travel time: 25 minutes.

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La Mancha's most luxurious and desirable hotel, with panoramic views of Toledo and a blissful spa.

With its mix of history and modernity, luxury and tranquillity, the Eurostars Palacio Buenavista is the dream destination for all visitors to Toledo. It occupies the spot where the Buenavista Palace was built, a palace apparently designed by no other than El Greco, and where famous literary and artistic figures, such as Miguel de Cervantes, Tirso de Molina, Baltasar Gracián and El Greco himself, used to hold social gatherings.

Today, this palace is a real oasis of luxury and calm, with spectacular panoramic views of Toledo's historic centre, 109 rooms and luxury suites, a spa with a wide range of packages, massages and beauty services, as well as over 20 spaces where personalised family or professional events can be held. The hotel also has a spacious garden, a swimming pool, a 24-hour fitness centre and indoor parking. It is quite possibly one of the hotels with the highest levels of customer satisfaction south of Madrid.

Covering 1500 m2, the hotel's spa facilities are Castilla-La Mancha's most comprehensive. The Quixote restaurant, rooted in the tradition of Manchego cuisine, has already established its place in the region's best restaurant guides.


  • Euro Star




Vaccinations: you do not need any vaccinations against illness to travel to Spain.

Documentation: it varies according to the country of origin. If you are a citizen of a EU country, Switzerland, Norway, Iceland or Lichtenstein, you will need a valid passport or ID card.

The maximum stay in Spain is 90 days. There are a number of countries whose citizens are required to have a valid current visa in order to enter Spain. You can consult them on this list.

Citizens of all other countries should consult the “Foreign Affairs” section of the Ministry of Internal Affairs website.

Which products can be brought into Spain?: there are no limits to what you can buy and take with you when you travel between countries in the European Union, provided what you buy is for your own personal use. In these cases you will not need to prove they will be subject to personal use in quantities below 800 cigarettes, 400 mini-cigars, 200 cigars, 1 kg of tobacco, 10 litres of liqueurs, 20 of fortified wine, 90 wine and 110 litres of beer. Furthermore, monetary amounts of over 9,999.99 euros must also be declared.

If you're travelling from a country outside the European Union Travellers may not bring foodstuffs of animal origin for their own consumption into the European Union (meats, meat products, milk and dairy products).


The Spanish National Health Service has an extensive network of health centres and hospitals throughout the country. Health centres provide primary healthcare services.

Where can I find the embassy or consulate of my country in Spain?: Foreign embassies and consulates in Spain

Where should I call in the event of an emergency? Dial 112 free of charge (valid throughout Spain). The emergency services can track the location of the call, and there is a tele-translation service in multiple languages.

Is Spain a safe country?: in general terms, Spain is one of the safest countries in Europe.


The currency in Spain is the euro.

Payment using recognised international credit cards is also commonly available in Spanish shops. They usually have signs indicating this option at the entrance to the establishment. When you make a payment you should show your passport or ID card.

With traveller's cheques: Traveller's cheques, accompanied by a passport, are also accepted in many hotels, restaurants and shops.

You can change currencies in bureaux de change and some banks. This service is also available in many hotels and travel agencies.


Toledo is located in the center of the Peninsula Iberica. Temperatures during June and September are normally moderate with maximum daytime temperatures close to 29 °C ( 60.8-84.2 °F). The average minimum night temperatures range June and September. 15°C ( 41-59 °F).


If your mobile phone account was contracted in the European Union, in Spain you will be able to connect to the Internet under the same conditions and at your normal rate. You may need to activate the roaming service through your operator.

For mobile phone numbers from outside the European Union, connecting to the Internet involves an extra charge on top of the normal rate, which depends on the operator.

How do I call to and from Spain?: if you wish to make a call to Spain from abroad, you should dial +34 (the code for Spain) followed by the telephone number (9 digits).

If you want to call another country from Spain, then dial 00 followed by the country code and the telephone number.


Electricity supply in Spain is AC 220 volts, 50 Hertz. Sockets meet European regulations and use the round pin system.


We suggest you contact the Spanish Embassy or Consulate to verify these restrictions. For more information visit the European Union website.